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Modern Software Delivery


This 5-session workshop offers theory, insights, and practical experience on modern software delivery. We will compare iterative and sequential methods, and look into organizing value streams from inception to rapid development to frictionless operations.

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What's Inside

Session 1

  • History of software delivery methodologies
  • Methodology overview: Waterfall, V-model, FDD, RAD, Agile, SEMAT, Cynefin
  • Iterative vs incremental; Flow of value: product vs project
  • Requirement collection and analysis. Functional vs non-functional requirements. Specification by example.
  • Practical exercise: discuss the strengths and weakness of different methodologies

Session 2

  • System design and architecture visualizations (design language and notation overview, diagram types)
  • System design patterns and strategies: Coupling and cohesion; Data flow vs control flow; Up-front vs evolutionary; Top-down vs bottom-up
  • Design decomposition; Functional and business analysis
  • Practical exercise: draw a system design sketch with several components and data flows

Session 3

  • Overview of modern technical ecosystems: programming languages, runtime engines, frameworks, products
  • Overview of technologies dominating different layers of typical software system: frontend, backend, databases, integrations, mobile
  • Practical exercise: based on input parameters evaluate the risks involved in migrating from one platform to another
  • Introduction to common security principles in software systems

Session 4

  • Introduction to testing methodologies and quality assurance disciplines
  • Introduction to TDD and XP practices
  • Testing pyramid; Quality assurance strategies (testing, security, policies)
  • Testing types: unit, integration, system, functional, acceptance, end-to-end, performance
  • Practical exercise: select the QA model based on input parameters
  • Technical debt and maintainability metrics
  • Refactoring vs redesign planning
  • Introduction to static code analysis
  • Practical exercise: spot the problem based on given example of technical project data

Session 5

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Notes on ITIL and ITSM
  • Infrastructure-as-code, immutable infrastructure, delivery pipelines, GitOps
  • Service-level metrics: SLAs and SLOs
  • Error budgets, mean time to recovery
  • Unplanned work management
  • Practical exercise: propose a solution based on input parameters

Who's This For


Project Managers, Team Leads.

What You Get


Unique content - real-life use cases, modern infrastructure, CI/CD/GitOps principles shown in practice.


Certificate of attendance - you will get a shareable online certificate.


Exam after the course - you may pass an optional 1-hour exam and get your score printed on the certificate.


Workshop happens online - join from the convenience of your office or home.


Video recordings will be available after the course - you can revisit some topics later.


Live and interactive - you can ask questions in the chat or over audio and get live clarifications.


Q&A session in the end of each day - you will to get answers to more complex questions in a 1-hour long Q&A session.


Quizzes and polls during the course - learning should be fun!


Practical exercises with solutions - lots of simple and not-so-simple tasks to practice with during the course; Solutions will be provided afterwards.


Additional home work - for those who want to practice more after the course; Homework will be reviewed and supplemented by constructive feedback.


Lifetime e-mail support - you can get answers on anything related to the course content as well as advice based on your company specific situation.

Andrey Adamovich

trainer-lightAbout the trainer

Andrey works as a free-lance DevOps consultant offering his expertise in implementing DevOps initiatives, selecting automation tooling, switching to infrastructure-as-code and immutable infrastructure and constructing software delivery pipelines.

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 9900per teamof up to 10 attendees
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