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eXtreme Automation


This 3-day workshop focuses on solving challenges that organisations face when implementing DevOps initiatives. It introduces principles of DevOps and tools that help reach full automation of infrastructure provisioning and software delivery. Theoretical background as well as practical hands-on examples of tools like Ansible, Docker, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Serverless and many others are given during this workshop.

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What's Inside

Day 1

  • Introduction to DevOps, infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, idempotence principle, delivery pipelines, GitOps
  • Managing virtual/cloud resources with IaC, tooling overview, building first infrastructure configuration pipeline with Terraform
  • Managing multi-cloud/multi-data-center resources with Terraform and Terraform modules
  • Integrating with classic server provisioning tools like Ansible
  • Dynamic inventories, network management, building complex infrastructure delivery pipelines, organizing teamwork

Day 2

  • Managing base machine images with Packer
  • Introduction to containers and container management
  • Building/publishing images, running containers with Docker
  • Implementing complex use cases with Docker Compose
  • Using Kubernetes to run container workloads
  • Using Helm charts and Kubernetes operators
  • Leveraging service mesh features with Linkerd

Day 3

  • Introduction to observability: logs, metrics, traces
  • Configuring Prometheus jobs and exporters, creating Grafana data sources and dashboards
  • DevSecOps: integrating linters, security policy checkers, vulnerability scanners
  • Leveraging managed FaaS: OpenFaaS, Chalice, Serverless
  • Implementing a chat bot for Slack for effective ChatOps
  • Introduction to chaos engineering

Who's This For


Developers, Software Architects, System Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Technical Project Managers.

What You Get


Unique content - real-life use cases, modern infrastructure, CI/CD/GitOps principles shown in practice.


Certificate of attendance - you will get a shareable online certificate.


Exam after the course - you may pass an optional 1-hour exam and get your score printed on the certificate.


Workshop happens online - join from the convenience of your office or home.


Video recordings will be available after the course - you can revisit some topics later.


Live and interactive - you can ask questions in the chat or over audio and get live clarifications.


Q&A session in the end of each day - you will to get answers to more complex questions in a 1-hour long Q&A session.


Quizzes and polls during the course - learning should be fun!


Practical exercises with solutions - lots of simple and not-so-simple tasks to practice with during the course; Solutions will be provided afterwards.


Additional home work - for those who want to practice more after the course; Homework will be reviewed and supplemented by constructive feedback.


Lifetime e-mail support - you can get answers on anything related to the course content as well as advice based on your company specific situation.

All Materials Are Included

Slides, code, snippets, cheatsheets etc.


What People Say

Natalja V.
It's very, very good and huge work, Andrey! I think it was most useful training for me that I ever had. Thank you!
Natalja V. - DevOps Engineer / Product Owner*****
Siim A.
Excellent webinar, its hard to make virtual webinar this long this focused.
Siim A. - DevOps Engineer*****
Timo T.
It was massive amount of knowledge shared during 3 days. I alone could have figured it out maybe in a year. Thanks for your time!
Timo T. - Lead Software Architect*****
Noel H.
Very well done in such a short time. Impressive!
Noel H. - DevOps Consultant*****
Iuliana N.
I think the agenda covers the most important tools used for automation. I liked the format, keep it like this!
Iuliana N. - Cloud Delivery Engineer*****
Priit P.
You are a very good trainer. The whole course was easy to follow and you were always helpful to solve our problems or if we got stuck at some point.
Priit P. - Service/System Administrator*****

How it Happened

Tallinn, 2019
Tallinn, 2019
London, 2019
London, 2019
Bucharest, 2018
Bucharest, 2018
Riga, 2017
Riga, 2017
Andrey Adamovich

trainer-lightAbout the trainer

Andrey works as a free-lance DevOps consultant offering his expertise in implementing DevOps initiatives, selecting automation tooling, switching to infrastructure-as-code and immutable infrastructure and constructing software delivery pipelines.

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When Does it Happen

calendar21-23 February, 2024sold out
calendar25-27 September, 2024



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