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Andrey Adamovich

Andrey Adamovich


Andrey is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. He is passionate about defining good development practices, documenting and presenting architecture, reuse of code and design patterns, profiling and analysis of application performance as well as extreme automation of development and operations activities.

At the moment, Andrey works as a free-lance DevOps consultant offering his expertise in implementing DevOps initiatives, selecting automation tooling, switching to infrastructure-as-code and immutable infrastructure and constructing software delivery pipelines.

AWSTerraformKubernetesDockerAnsibleand more...

Another Andrey's passion is teaching software automation practices and tooling. His  DevOps MasterClass (eXtreme Automation) course has been delivered more than 100 times in various locations in Europe: Austria, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Romania, Estonia, Latvia.

Andrey is a frequent speaker at international conferences and local community gatherings.

graduation-hatCustomized Training Classes

Select courses from the list or let me design a training track tailored for your company.

optimize-org-light Optimize Your Organization

I can analyze technological stack and team topologies of your company, help you make sense of the sociotechnical landscape of your software delivery, provide insights based on my extensive experience, and prepare a report with carefully crafted short-term and long-term strategical improvement plan.

automation-light Automate Your Organization

I can help your company design and implement automation procedures for important software delivery and infrastructure management processes.

Clients include