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Java 8 Cheatsheet

What is Java 8

Java 8 is a version of the popular Java programming language, released by Oracle Corporation in 2014. It introduced several important new features such as Lambdas and Streams, making it easier to write efficient and expressive code.

Benefits of using Java 8:

  • Improved performance - One of the major advantages of Java 8 is its improved performance. It included the Nashorn JavaScript engine that replaced the outdated Rhino JavaScript. It makes it faster and more efficient. It also has better memory management which improves performance. Thats important feature that makes a big difference when working with large databases.
  • Better security - Another major advantage of Java 8 is improved security, which is achieved through the addition of the new security features. It includes SSL/TLS protocols, authentication & authorization, and KeyStore password protection. It also provides support for more modern cryptography algorithms such as AES/GCM/CTR/SIV, which improves data protection.
  • Enhanced capabilities for working with data - Java 8 also has several new features that improve capabilities for working with data. For example, including the Stream API, which provides a more efficient way to work with data collections. It also includes the DateTime API, which provides an improved way to work with time zones and formatting dates.

However, there are some downsides to using it as well:

  • One of the main concerns is the need to learn new syntax and programming models to use its new features effectively. It might be challenging for experienced Java programmers to adjust to the new syntax for handling Lambdas and Streams. It also requires a certain level of understanding of new functional programming concepts.
  • Another potential disadvantage of Java 8 is that some old libraries and applications may not be compatible with it, resulting in an inability to run outdated code. However, this can be avoided by using a compatibility kit that enables the use of older libraries.

In summary:

Java 8 provides powerful new features to help developers write better, more efficient, and more secure code. While it requires a bit of a learning curve to use effectively, its improvements to performance and data capabilities make it a useful tool for modern software development.